Scott Andrew Smith

  Associate Professor
  Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  Institute of Applied Mathematics


I'm an associate professor at the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences within the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. My interest in mathematics started at the University of Maryland, where I received my Bachelors in 2011 and Phd in 2016.


I enjoy exploring stochastic analysis, with an emphasis on problems connected to stochastic partial differential equations (SPDE).

  • A new derivation of the finite N master loop equation for lattice Yang-Mills (with Hao Shen, Rongchan Zhu)
      Electronic Journal of Probability (2024)
  • Phase transitions, logarithmic Sobolev inequalities, and uniform-in-time propagation of chaos for weakly interacting diffusions (with Matias Delgadino, Rishabh S. Gvalani, Grigorios A. Pavliotis)
      Communications in Mathematical Physics (2023)
  • A priori bounds for quasi-linear SPDEs in the full sub-critical regime (with Felix Otto, Jonas Sauer, Hendrik Weber)
      Preprint (2021)
  • Large N limit of the O(N) linear sigma model via stochastic quantization (with Hao Shen, Rongchan Zhu, Xiangchan Zhu)
      Annals of Probability (2022)
  • Parabolic equations with rough coefficients and singular forcing (with Felix Otto, Jonas Sauer, and Hendrik Weber)
      Arxiv (2018)
  • Stochastic continuity equations with conservative noise (with Benjamin Gess)
      Journal de Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees (2019)
  • On the Boltzmann equation with stochastic kinetic transport: global existence of renormalized martingale solutions (with Sam Punshon-Smith)
      Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis (2019)
  • Holder estimates for fractional parabolic equations with critical divergence free drifts (with Matias Delgadino)
     Annales de l'Institute Henri Poincare C, Analyse non lineaire (2018)
  • The stochastic Navier-Stokes equations for heat-conducting, compressible fluids: global existence of weak solutions (with Konstantina Trivisa)
      Journal of Evolution Equations (2018)
  • Random perturbations of viscous, compressible fluids: global existence of weak solutions
      SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis (2017)